How to Rename Galaxy Buds?

Smartphone like Samsung S20 and Samsung S10 needs great Earphones to enjoy their true potential. In that case, Samsung Galaxy Buds can be the perfect choice for you. As they seamlessly connect with your Samsung Smartphone and offers great sound quality too.

Whenever you connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds to your Smartphone, it shows their default name. For now, Samsung hasn’t provided any simple way to rename the Samsung Buds. That’s why people are wondering that it is not possible to change the name Galaxy Buds. But, there is a quick way you can use to rename Galaxy Buds.


How to Rename Galaxy Buds?

  1. Open the notification bar.
  2. Now, tap on the gear icon to open the setting icon.
  3. Navigate to the Bluetooth option.
  4. Select the Galaxy Buds Settings.
  5. Now, you can rename the Bluetooth name of Samsung Galaxy Buds whatever you want.

After following the above steps check the name of Galaxy Buds, hopefully, it was changed successfully.

It might be possible that it does not reflect the name you have changed so reconnect the Samsung Galaxy Buds to your Smartphone. If you are facing any connectivity than place your Smartphone and Galaxy Buds as near as possible. As Galaxy Buds works on Bluetooth technology it comes with some range limitation.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Specification:

Ambient Awareness Yes
Adaptive Dual Microphone Inner and Outer Mics on each Bud
Format Stereo BT
Earbud Battery Capacity 58 mAh
Wireless Charging Case Capacity 252 mAh
Playtime 6H Earbud/ 7H Cradle
Talk Time 5H Earbud/ 6H Cradle
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
USB USB-c cable
Bluetooth Bluetooth v5.0

So, we guess that you have successfully renamed your Galaxy Buds. If you have any problem than ask us in the comment section.

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