How to Fix Only One Galaxy Bud is Connecting || Only One Galaxy Bud working

Samsung Galaxy Buds are the wireless earphone which allows you to enjoy your favourite songs without worrying about wires. Galaxy Buds provide seamless connectivity to your Galaxy Smartphone. Now, you don’t need to worry about the tangled wire anymore, and you can enjoy music anywhere you want. Recently, we heard lots of complaints online about only one Earbud is connecting to your Samsung Smartphone.

Connecting the Samsung Buds to your smartphone is pretty easy if you are doing correctly. But, if you are one of the unlucky users whose only one Earbud working, then make sure that both earbuds are paired correctly. So, in this article, we will guide how to pair your Samsung Buds easily and if you are right about the pairing process and still facing the issue, then follow along,

Pair the Galaxy Buds to a Samsung Smartphone:

Paring the Earbuds with a smartphone is a pretty easy job; just follow the step below to pair Buds seamlessly.

  1. Put the Galaxy Buds in the charging box and charge them. 
  2. Bring the charging case near to the Samsung Smartphone and open the lid.
  3. A pop up will appear on your screen, seeking permission to connect earbuds.
  4. Select connect.

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How to Pair the Galaxy Buds Manually?

If your Galaxy buds are connecting to your smartphone automatically, then don’t worry. Follow the steps below to connect Buds manually to your smartphone.

  1. Press and hold the touchpad on your Galaxy buds.
  2. On your smartphone, go to Settings connection and then Bluetooth.
  3. Now, tap on the Galaxy Buds when it appears.

If still, only one Galaxy Buds is working, then follow the tips and tricks below to solve the issue.

How to Fix Only One Galaxy Bud working or Connecting with a Smartphone?

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If the method shown in the video does not work for you, then here are some more tips and tricks you can try,

Solution 1: Update the Samsung Buds

You’re facing the connection issue in galaxy earbuds might be because of outdated software. Most of the connection issues on Earbuds are caused by outdated firmware. So, you have to upgrade the firmware of Galaxy Buds to solve this issue. For upgrading the software of Galaxy Buds follow along,

  1. Open the Samsung wearable app on a smartphone while one Earbud is still connected.
  2. Select the about earbuds option.
  3. Now, all the information about the Earbuds will be displayed on the screen.
  4. If there is the software update available, then do it.
  5. It might fix your problem.

Please make sure that your smartphone is not causing the problem. To ensure that it is not your device fault, try connecting the earbuds with any other device and make sure that your device is also updated to the latest version.


Solution 2: Reset Earbuds

If your earbuds are on the latest version and you are still facing the connection issue, then factory resetting them might help. Follow the steps below to reset earbuds,

  1. Open the galaxy wearables app.
  2. Tap on the about earbuds option.
  3. Scroll down and select the reset earbuds option.
  4. Confirm the reset option.

It will erase all the customization you have done to your earbuds. But, it doesn’t matter as your both earbuds start working, you can customize them again.

Solution 3: Update the Galaxy Wearable app

Sometimes the problem is not that serious as we think. The connection issue you are facing with earbuds might be caused by the outdated version of the Galaxy wearable app. So, update the Samsung wearable, and you ware ready to go.

Solution 4: Re-install the Galaxy wearable app

This is the last thing you can do if all solutions didn’t work for you. Uninstalling the wearable app will delete all the data and cache file store in it. So, it might help you as it will the corrupt file with the data.

Solution 5: Connect Samsung Care

All the solutions we have provided didn’t work for you. In that case, you should visit Samsung care to repair or replace your Galaxy earbuds. If your Samsung Buds are in warranty, then they will return or repair you Earbuds free of cost.

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