The Top 5 Best GBA Emulator for Samsung S20, S10 and Note 20

GBA, or you can call Game Boy Advanced, has introduced many of use to the gaming. And many of us still want to enjoy classic retro games on the game boy or PSP. If you are one of us, then I have great news for you as “we can play retro-classic games on our Samsung Smartphone using the GBA emulators.” So I have prepared the list of the “Best GBA emulator for Samsung S20, S10, and Note 20“.

Game Boy Advanced allows us to play many retro games and PlayStation games on our Galaxy Smartphone. I have prepared the list of the best Game Boy advanced emulators available for Samsung smartphones. I have tested all the GBA emulators myself, and they work perfectly fine on Samsung smartphones.

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The Top Best 5 GBA Emulators for Samsung S20, S10, and Note 20:

1. Classic Boy


Classic Boy emulator is my first choice for GBA emulators as it supports many console games and comes with the easy to use interface. The emulator supports many consoles games like PlayStation, Game Boy Color, NES, Game Boy Advance, and Sega genesis.

The Classic Boy emulator comes with many great features like it allows users to save games, fast forward, load game speedily, and cheat code support. You can also connect the controller with your smartphone as it comes with the controller support. The classic Boy is free to use the application, but the user requires to pay to unlock more advanced options.

Download: Classic Boy

2. Emulator for GBA 2


Unlike Classic Boy and other emulators, this emulator only supports GBA 2 games. So, if you are looking for the emulator that specially supports GBA 2, then this emulator is a perfect fit for you.

For GBA 2 this the best emulator available right now as it comes with virtual gamepad supports and game shark for cheat code support. The GBA 2 Emulator comes with many great features like save game, fast forward game, and cheat code support.

Download: Emulator for GBA 2

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3. Emu Box


Emu Box is another great emulator available for Samsung smartphones. The Emu Box emulator comes with many similar features as the classic Boy but with different console support. It supports Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, play station, Snes, and Game Boy colour.

The Emu Box also comes with the features like load game, save game, fast forward, and cheat code support. The Emu box is a free application, but you have to bear with the ads, and sadly there is no premium version available for Emu Box.

Download: Emu Box

4. GBA.emu


GBA.emu emulator comes with many advanced features like high-level BIOS emulation, back memory, and many more advanced features. The emulator supports most of the Game Boy Advance ROMs.  The GBA.emu comes with cross-platform support so you can play your GBA.emu game on any device.

The GBA.emu comes with features like load game, fast forward, and cheat code support. Sadly, you cannot use the emulator until you pay for it as there no free version available.

Download: GBA.emu

5. GBC.emu


Best GBA emulator for Samsung S20

GBC emulator comes from the same developers who created the GBA, so it comes with almost all features available on the GBA emulator. The main features on GBC.emu are load state, fast forward, controller, BIOS emulation, and many more GBA functionality. 

The GBC.emu supports all the original RAM available for Game Boy. The emulators come with the cross-platform support so you can play the game your favourite game on any supported device. However, like, GBA.emu the GBC.emulator is only available in the paid version.

Download: GBC.emu

6. John GBA


Best GBA emulator for Samsung S20

If you are still not satisfied with the above emulators, then John GBA can be a perfect fit for you. As it comes with the many great features like no ads and works in offline mode to so, it reduces the chance of lagging or freezing of game. 

It also comes with all the typical features like slow down mode, cheats code support, and game search. John GBA emulator allows you to take backups directly on the dropbox. 

Download: John GBA

7. My Boy


Best GBA emulator for Samsung S20

My Boy is another great GBA emulator available for the Samsung Smartphone. It offers outstanding graphics as it comes with OpenGL support. My Boy emulator comes with the BIOS emulation, so you don’t download any BIOS file for setup. 

The emulator comes with many standard features like load game, pause game, save game, and cheat code support. It supports many popular game boy games, so download your favourite ROM and enjoy it. 

Download: MY BOY

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