Download Highly Compressed Pubg Mobile: is it possible to compress it?

Pubg Mobile is a rapidly growing mobile game as it has over 100 million downloads and over 50 million active users. Pubg mobile is a battle royal game developed by Tencent games on the unreal engine 4.

In a battle royal games like pubg, the player jumps on the island with other players. They have to find supplies on the island and survive till the end to win delicious “winner-winner chicken dinner”. Players have to find guns, health kits and vehicle on the island. These items will help the player to survive till the end.

Pubg Mobile is a graphics-intensive online multiplayer game. So, it requires some minimum hardware to run on your device smoothly. That’s why many people are searching for highly compressed apk of pubg mobile.

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So, is it possible to compress a game like pubg mobile? Let’s find out.

Highly compressed Pubg Mobile:

Pubg mobile is a graphics-intensive, online multiplayer game. That’s why the size of its apk is quite big. So, many people are searching for the compressed apk of pubg mobile.

Now, let’s find out is it possible to compress pubg mobile or all this article and youtube videos about “Download highly compressed data for Pubg Mobile” are fake.

1. Pubg Mobile cannot be compressed in 30 or 40MB

All the articles and videos that offering Pubg Mobile data file under 100 or 200MB are all fake. As you cannot compress Pubg mobile to this size at least. The files many YouTubers and website are sharing contains virus and when you extract the file this virus can affect your device. But, don’t worry there is a way that you can use to save your Data as much as possible.

2. Take OBB file and pubg mobile apk from your friend

Yes, you heard it right you can take OBB file from your friend via any file sharing app like Xender or Shareit.

Follow the steps to transfer pubg mobile offline:

  1. Transfer the pubg mobile and OBB file using any file transfer app.
  2. For transferring OBB file find the file name like com.tancent.ig.obb in OBB folder in the Android folder.
  3. Install the apk and open it.
  4. Now, close the apk once it opens.
  5. It will create the folder that you require.
  6. Copy the OBB file in the Tencent folder in OBB folder under android folder.

we know that this is a little bit confusing but you can find a video tutorial on youtube easily.

3. Download the compressed pubg mobile

We know that you’re thinking that “first you said that you cannot compress pubg mobile” and now, you are offering download link for that. Let me explain, this not the compressed file of pubg mobile instead it is the same original file which divided into the parts.

This might be useful for people who don’t have proper internet or limited GB for the day. So, they can download the parts as per their convenience.

To download pubg mobile 0.16.5 data in part click on the data: Pubg mobile

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