TP-Link WDR 3600, a dual-band router

TP-Link WDR 3600, The last device in the firm TP-Link is the WDR 3600, a router ‘Dual-Band’ which is capable of operating simultaneously in the frequency bands 2.4 and 5 GHz with a speed of 300Mbps each.

Being dual band allows you to maintain two streams of 300Mbp 802.11n WiFi connections so on up to 5 port Ethernet switch functionality and flow WAN to LAN up to 800Mbps.

2012 07 16 TPLinkWDR6000 300x201 TP Link WDR 3600, a dual band router

The WDR 3600 also integrates dual-port USB to connect a network to share printers or mass storage system to make it an effective shared space or fichros servdor of FTP.

TP-Link WDR 3600, In terms of management and security, this router enables dual balance the bandwidth to avoid misuse and has WPA2 security activated by a simple button. Its price is around 85 euros.

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