Qualcomm APQ8064, premiering four cores and GPU Adreno 320 Krait

Qualcomm APQ8064, A Qualcomm also likes to organize events that tell how the business is going to share some demonstrations of their work. On behalf of these events is Uplinq and this year has taught some of his latest Snapdragon, the APQ8064.

This is a chipset with quad-core processor that opens the new GPU, or graphics processing unit, Adreno 320. His presentation is really important in the market since it is destined to be the mastermind of many graphic tablets Windows RT.

As we read in press as AnandTech, the performance of the new GPU is on a par with a Nvidia Tegra 3, but the set offered by Qualcomm is more powerful, and also no problem to add connectivity LTE, for devices that have to do with operators. As for the main processor is based on cores Krait.

 Qualcomm APQ8064, premiering four cores and GPU Adreno 320 Krait

In the event, Raj Talluri, was commissioned to show the last child of the American company. He previously worked for Texas Instruments in its OMAP 3 and 4, and is now responsible for the Snapdragon family for three years.

We note that the new development can operate at 1.5GHz speed when all four cores are running, or climbing up to 1.7GHz with only one active core. Let’s see a video of the event with demonstrations:

Snapdragon S4 Prime

To put this a bit in the later developments leading Qualcomm, the MPQ8064 is within the family Snapdragon S4 Prime, as the new names released by the house to distinguish the fate of each model.

In the category name is included Prime hardware designed to Smart TVs or Set-top boxes, rather than tablets or mobile phones, but that does not mean that the hardware is nearly equivalent to get an idea of the performance it can offer. Special emphasis is placed on components that help accelerate and improve video quality.

 Qualcomm APQ8064, premiering four cores and GPU Adreno 320 Krait

The technology for manufacturing problems 28nm

Qualcomm is the most serious has been taken down to this technology for production in large quantities. It has been very well received by manufacturers, but also has been a lot of information on production problems in the media.

The company used the event to discuss the situation, reporting that the difficulties come from the inability of partners to meet demand, not by quality problems. Besides TSMC, Qualcomm has taken up a second factory to create chipsets with its technology (Qualcomm does not manufacture hardware), spending much money on it. The results will come later this year.

The latest rumor circulating in the media is that Samsung would have partnered with Qualcomm to help each other in the production, which is that you know that Koreans have had to pull them to motorize the Samung Galaxy S3 in its connectivity LTE.

Qualcomm APQ8064, It would be a very fruitful collaboration for both, at least until the next leap in technology coming to market with product designs based on ARM Cortex-A15.

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