HP Z1 and the new workstation concept of “all-in-one”

The team HP Z1 and was presented in February, but is expected to start selling over the current April. Characteristics stand out: a computer all-in-one powerful, so much so that from HP it as a workstation more. Yes, designed in companies and all professionals who require high throughput on their computers.

The most characteristic feature is undoubtedly the expandability of its components, something that HP chest out and announces that in a few minutes we can expand the memory, hard drive or graphics card, always without any tools. However, we can launch multiple questions: What is really new on this computer? Is it really attractive to users? And what about its price relative to what you can offer?

hp z1 front 300x248 HP Z1 and the new workstation concept of all in one

HP Z1: the need to blend design with functionality

The workstation is important to be able to expand the team when needed. They are high-priced computers with a couple of settings as a new component can return to look like fresh from its original packaging. In addition, this scalability will allow us to have components of backup to change quickly and easily in an emergency.

The HP Z1 offers three components change very specific memory RAM, storage and graphics, but they really are the most common parts are upgraded to improve performance of the machine.

HP Z1 in 300x247 HP Z1 and the new workstation concept of all in one

HP seeks hardware changes we make may be as simple as possible, so any screw forgets and implements a system of compartments specific to this computer. Simply remove the screen from other components with the help of a pair of struts, choose the component (assembly looks really clean) and exchange it. The RAM is the only component that will change the classic style, probably because there is only remove the old modules, placing new and do a bit of pressure.

In addition to the HP Z1 hides inside another paragraph that stands out greatly: the design, being an all-in-one with all integrated behind the screen. Like their 27-inch diagonal, its reduced thickness and greater power than we are accustomed.

the HP Z1 Power? With shades

We speak of a workstation and we referred to performance. But how powerful is the HP Z1 ? You can mount Intel Xeon processors and NVidia Quadro graphics, both with models of CPU and GPU simple, belonging to what we would call the input range of the above own Quadro and Xeon. Highlight the memory RAM ECC, which is common in professional teams but rarely seen in home computers.

HP Z1 gray 300x272 HP Z1 and the new workstation concept of all in one

I must say, what the HP Z1 can offer is not up to other more traditional format workstation powerful and expensive, but it should mean a significant improvement over a conventional computer. Not the same one that a Core Xeon E3 i3 or i5 for certain professional tasks in the same way that is not the same thing NVidia GeForce Quadro basic basic also. We always talk about the execution of specific applications, such CAD, 3D design, rendering, editing and other multimedia.

The six configurations of the HP Z1 available in Spain include:

HP Z1 spec 300x196 HP Z1 and the new workstation concept of all in one

If you wonder what other workstation come at a better price … they exist everywhere. For example I have just set up a Dell Precision T5500 Xeon E5, 12 GB ECC, NVidia Quadro 2000 and dual 24-inch monitor for about 3,300 euros. To stay in the same company as the Z1, the HP Z400 in tower classic Xeon W3550, 6GB DDR3 ECC and 1 TB 7,200 rpm disk comes out of 1,580 euros. The differences are more than remarkable, always include VAT.

The price of the equipment … and extensions

At the moment we mix power and performance with good design, emerging eventually ends the price. And it is not low: from 2646 euros (VAT included) for the base model that includes Core i3-2120, 2 GB DDR3 memory (non-ECC) and integrated Intel GPU HD 2000 Graphics. It is obviously a very high price by a computer rather poor in features and has other competing products cheaper and much better.

Through other more advanced settings can be Xeon E3 or E3-1280-1245, DDR3 ECC memory modules and graphics up to 8 GB NVidia Quadro 1000M or 3000M. Prices will vary depending on the chosen components to reach 4,529 euros, VAT included. Then we will have more additional components for us to let’s ride, such as a module with 8 GB DDR3-1600 ECC exiting € 459. A real brutality, as can be found in other vendors for less than 200 euros the module.

HP Z1 back 300x278 HP Z1 and the new workstation concept of all in one

The big deal is precisely HP updates: the starting price of HP Z1 is high in itself, but that cost is quite excessive extensions. Could we use components from other manufacturers and distributors and HP montárselos the Z1? In principle, yes and you should have no problem, but HP does not warrant all that change and is not signed and certified by them, and of course no warranty with it. Come on, that if you depart from your store and dealers to save a good amount of euros you’re playing.

An interesting team but with a high price

The HP Z1 I find really interesting and nice, and let’s face it: it can be more powerful than the iMac, its nearest rival, provided we have chosen the most powerful configurations. Is the Z1 with Intel Core i3 integrated HD Graphics a workstation? Of course not, although we consider it as such a combination of NVidia Quadro and Xeon E3. But for what price?

The price seems extremely high HP Z1. Ask 2,650 euros for a basic cutting equipment in all but the screen is an exaggeration. Z1 prices with a Xeon E3 and Quadro are overwhelming, starting at the 4,200 euros for the system with the most basic components.

Again, we regret that prices of basic HP Z1 United States are much lower than in these parts, starting in the $ 1,899 that the change is about 1,450 euros. In that price range we’d be talking about something else.

HP Z1 lat 202x300 HP Z1 and the new workstation concept of all in one

Finally, I am always trying to maintain some reasoning from the point of view of common user. But you know that the HP Z1 is aimed at businesses and professionals, which may in some cases may have a very specific target audience: I’m thinking of very great care companies that need the image of their computers to the fullest and have budget for it.

Professionals working in jobs that require high computing power (video or audio editing, photo retouching, 3D design applications or CAD type, etc.). Given as the external design of the computer, and opt for more powerful configurations to same price as well be much more customizable in the future. It is not difficult to find systems with dual Xeon E5 processor, dual Quadro graphics, more RAM ECC also … all in a tower ATX and similar prices.

HP Z1, In short, a truly innovative concept for a very interesting but absurdly expensive both for the initial equipment price for upgrades. The good news is that the idea is there: hopefully soon we can see something similar in the all-in-one home … but for a quarter of the price or less.

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